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Efforts Of Singapore Cooperation Programme (SCP) To Promote SMEs

The fast-developing economy of Singapore offers entrepreneurs with lucrative opportunities to start an enterprise in Singapore. Seeking to increase foreign investment in the city-state, the Singapore government seeks to attract more foreign investors to look for profitable business opportunities in the country. Believing in the importance of sharing technical expertise and experience with other countries in order to advance the development of the economy, the Singapore Co-operation Programme (SCP) was formed in 1992. The SCP aims to provide high-end technical assistance to friendly countries around the globe.

Objectives of the Singapore Co-operation Programme (SCP):

Training and Development. The SCP provides high-quality training and technical assistance to many countries in areas of Africa, Asia Pacific, Eastern Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East.
Improve the knowledge and skills of employees. The SCP is focused on improving the creativity and decision-making skills of participants. SCP would share the expertise with the individuals to enhance the employee performance and bring innovative ideas into action.
Conducive business environment. The SCP strives to develop Singapore’s business environment for SMEs that would encourage young talents to avail the services of Company Registration in Singapore and start a new enterprise. The efforts of SCP create a synergy that helps the SMEs to stay competitive and grow.

SCP designed an SME development course that encourages the growth of the private sector and promote foreign investment. The course seeks to develop impactful policies for the SME sector. Given the constraints, SCP also provides knowledge to senior government officers on framing effective policies that would accelerate the development of the Singapore’s economy.

Objectives of the course:

– To impart knowledge to employees to develop policies involving the private sector and meet the functional and business requirements of SME sector.

– To promote PPP Programmes and help participants conceptualize and deliver high-quality output.

– The course focuses on creating a healthy business environment that helps enterprises to survive and grow in the competitive market.

– To encourage SMEs to follow best industry practices, create innovative products and services through private sector collaboration.

– To conduct case study research for the benefit of the participants so that they learn to develop effective marketing, strategic, financial and development strategies.

– The participants would understand the importance of business links with the private sector which could be instrumental for SMEs to grow.

– The participants would learn to create government policies that encourage new entrepreneurs to enter the market.

– Train participants to monitor, analyse, and evaluate the successful implementation of drafted policies.