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Advantages Of Effective SCP Training Programmes

To improve the skills level of the government employees, Singapore Cooperation Programme (SCP) launched training programmes. The courses focus on imparting essential knowledge that help government officials frame robust policies to accelerate the development the SME sector of Singapore.

The SCP has defined a certain set of training objectives in improving the capability to draft policies through the help of experienced professionals.

The application procedure for the SCP Training Programme is simple and straightforward. The participants have to be eligible for the training. The conditions for the eligibility are:

Designation of officers. The government officers who are interested in SCP Training Programmes must be in the middle and senior level. Eligible government officers will be given extensive training and knowledge on framing effective policies for the society’s welfare.
Good in communication. Eligible government officers must be proficient in spoken and written English in order for them to easily interact and communicate with trainers and fellow participants.
Complete attendance. The participants must be able to attend the programme from the beginning of the course to the end.  The SCP training programme is power-packed with new information and knowledge to the participants every day. Participants learn something new and relevant every day.
Healthy participants. The participants should be healthy, medically fit and of sound mind in order to be eligible for the SCP Training Programme. As the training programme requires energy, presence of mind, interpretation and analysis, it is essential for the participants to be medically fit.
Government nomination. The participants must be nominated by their respective government. Moreover, the participants may also be nominated by the National Focus Points for Technical Assistance.

Advantages of SCP Training Programmes

Enhance the knowledge and skills of employees. The training programmes enhance the knowledge of middle and senior level officers that will allow them to draft effective polices for their respective countries.
Improve the economic condition of the country. The SCP Training Programme aims to enhance the capability of employees to launch effective policies that support SME sector. The policies framed should be for the promotion of SME sector and should support entrepreneurs to setup company in Singapore.
Encourage collaboration with private sector. The SCP Training Programmes influence participants to draft effective policies involving the private sector that help to leverage the organizational capabilities by the SME sector.
Create competitive conditions for business. Government employees and institutions are responsible for creating a conducive business environment that offer lucrative opportunities to the SMEs.

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