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Submit Accurate And Reliable Annual Returns
The Government of Singapore is taking serious measures to eliminate tax evasion cases in the city-state. Apart from strict policies to control and manage tax collection in the city-state, the government also take precautionary measures by signing international tax agreements. Recently, Singapore has signed a tax treaty with Germany to monitor and prevent tax evasion of  individuals seeking alternatives to avoid tax in their home country. According to the Monetary Authority of Singapore...
Outsource Accounting And Bookkeeping Services
To know the true profit of the business, it is important to maintain proper books of account. It is the responsibility of the business owner to follow the principles of accounting and prepare reliable books of account. The books of account convey the true position of the business and identify the profit percentage of the business. Richmond offers high-quality accounting and bookkeeping services to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore at an affordable cost. Every Singapore...
Outsource Goods and Services Tax (GST) Services
Singapore offers innumerable opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors. Every company registered in Singapore is required to follow regulations prescribed by the government. If your business involves the supply of goods and services, it is imperative to pay Goods and Services Tax (GST) on the goods and services sold. You may either personally register your business for GST or hire a competent professional service provider to register on your behalf. Information on GST Similar to Value...
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Expectations Of Growth Policies For SMEs From The Budget
A global hub of renewable and non-renewable resources offering innumerable opportunities to both locals and foreigners, Singapore continuously works toward achieving sustainable economic growth. Creating job opportunities and significantly contributing to the gross domestic product of the nation, SMEs are vital building blocks in Singapore’s economy. The government has initiated many measures to support and economically develop the SME sector. This is apparent in the Budget of 2013 to 2014...
7 Advantages of Filing Returns in XBRL format
Books of Accounts should be true, reliable and must accurately convey the current financial position of a business. In Singapore, every registered company is required to submit income statements to IRAS  in an innovative format known as Extensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL). This technological advancement in furnishing income tax returns is part of the government's efforts in advocating the growth of the small and medium enterprises (SMEs). What is XBRL? XBRL is computer language...
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Critical Changes In The Budget Of 2014 For The Benefit Of SMEs
Singapore is always aiming to change for the better. The government is constantly advocating the improvement of small and medium enterprises (SME). Looking for great ideas, the Government of Singapore has firstly introduced programmes to improve the skills of the workforce of Singapore. It is important to raise the productivity and quality of output to improve the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the country. The new policies that have been framed with the feedback gathered from the...
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Efforts Of Singapore Cooperation Programme (SCP) To Promote SMEs
The fast-developing economy of Singapore offers entrepreneurs with lucrative opportunities to start an enterprise in Singapore. Seeking to increase foreign investment in the city-state, the Singapore government seeks to attract more foreign investors to look for profitable business opportunities in the country. Believing in the importance of sharing technical expertise and experience with other countries in order to advance the development of the economy, the Singapore Co-operation Programme...
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Advantages Of Effective SCP Training Programmes
To improve the skills level of the government employees, Singapore Cooperation Programme (SCP) launched training programmes. The courses focus on imparting essential knowledge that help government officials frame robust policies to accelerate the development the SME sector of Singapore. The SCP has defined a certain set of training objectives in improving the capability to draft policies through the help of experienced professionals. The application procedure for the SCP Training...
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Now Setting Small Scale Industry In Singapore Is Easy
If you are planning to start a small or medium enterprise in Singapore, now is a good time. With the implementation of government grants, schemes, and policies announced in the Budget 2013 that are supportive of SMEs in terms of funding, productivity, innovation, and research. More so, the government seeks to address the prevalent issues faced by the SME sector while also focusing on empowering the Singaporean workforce through job creation, financial assistance and such. Manpower issues are...
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Employer’s Responsibilities in Tax Reporting
For tax residents of Singapore, the time for calculating and filing their annual income over the previous year is from the 1st of March and 18th April. In the city-state, even foreigners who are neither Singaporeans nor Singapore Permanent Residents (SPRs) need to pay tax if their income accrued in or derived from the city-state. During this period, employers, regardless if you operate a sole proprietorship, local business, or as a director who has a company incorporated in Singapore, have...
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