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We provide incorporation and corporate secretarial services

Singapore Company Incorporation Services

We provide a complete range of services for Company Registration and operation of your Singapore business, as we have done for thousands of companies ranging from small to medium businesses. Our team comprises of experienced professionals including company secretaries, immigration specialists, accountants, tax consultants, and business consultants who have deep knowledge of Singapore’s laws.

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Incorporation Services

Richmond is one of the most reputable providers of services ranging from Singapore company formation to administration services for small and mid-sized private limited companies. Every year we incorporate hundreds of Singapore companies and offer continual business administration services to our clients.

If you are a Singapore Resident, you have the opportunity to register your LLP, Sole Proprietorship or Private Limited Company. An entrepreneur can register a Private Limited Company because of the tax exemptions and limited liability protection that comes with it. A Private Limited Company receives tax exemption on the first SGD100, 000 chargeable income for the first three years.

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A foreign entrepreneur has the choice to incorporate a Singapore Private Limited Company with the option of 100 percent foreign shareholding. As a foreign entrepreneur or professional who wants to incorporate a Singapore company, you can establish your Singapore company and run the business operations with the option to relocate to Singapore or not.

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Ralated Incorporation Package:

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Ralated Incorporation Package:

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Ralated Incorporation Package:

A foreign company that seeks to have a business presence in Singapore can register a wide range of companies including a Representative Office, a Branch Office or a Subsidiary Company. A Subsidiary Company is the most common type of business entity chosen by foreign companies. If the company needs to relocate any executives such as directors and employees, it is essential to have an Employment Pass. These employees or directors must be crucial to the business operations of the Singapore Subsidiary Company.

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Ralated Incorporation Package:

A part of our services is to offer shelf companies to clients who have custom requirements. All the shelf companies meet all of the local regulatory requirements and you can purchase them for instant operation. Make sure to check all the Singapore shelf companies available with us. See available Singapore shelf companies

Corporate Secretarial Services

Richmond is your complete service provider when it comes to seeking corporate solutions in Singapore. We offer custom services based on the need of businesses ranging from small to mid-sized ventures, including foreign companies and startups.

According to Singapore regulations, it is essential for a Singapore registered company to have a resident Company Secretary. Richmond can appoint a company secretary for your business on an annual basis.Learn More

A Singapore Private Limited company must have at least one ‘ordinary’ resident director in Singapore. This is mandatory according to the Singapore Companies Act, and we can provide our services for appointing a Nominee Director in Singapore.Learn More

Once a Singapore Company is incorporated, it becomes essential to comply with the requirements of the Singapore Companies Act. It becomes mandatory to make annual filings with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority and the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS).Learn More

If you are a company or an entrepreneur who wants to establish a business in Singapore, we at Richmond help you with finding a prominent business address in the CDB area of Singapore. We also offer services to help you get a local phone number. The reputable CBD address can also be used on your letterhead, business card and corporate materials.Learn More

The Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority or ACRA has the authority vested in it by the Singapore Companies Act that allows it to cancel the registration of any company if it finds that the company is no longer in operation. There are some conditions that need to be met if the ACRA must strike a company off its Register.Learn More


Work Permit Singapore

Richmond offers a complete range of employment visa processing services including the following:playing liaison role and coordinating, submission of applications, keeping track of applications, and reporting on the status of application.

The employment visa is also referred to as EntrePass. The Pass can be used by technology-based entrepreneurs and R&D-based ventures that seek to bring innovation and energy into the Singapore business environment. If your business is engaged in the development and application of new technology, or if your business is dedicated to the development of creative ideas, there is a very high chance of your EntrePass application getting approved. Learn More

Personalised Employment Pass or PEP is an EntrePass that comes in a special class of Employment Pass issued only to the top level professionals in the order of their merits. Because PEP is not based on the employer, anyone holding this pass can switch employers without any affect on their pass. If you have a PEP, you can stay in the country for a maximum of 6 months in between jobs until you find a new one.Learn More

The Singapore Employment Pass is the most commonly used type of work visa in Singapore issued to a wide range of professionals including: Foreign professionals, Executives, Specialists, Top Management – GM, CEO, MD.In order to be eligible for EP, it is essential to fulfill the educational and salary requirements laid down by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM).Learn More

Any foreigner who intends to work in Singapore on short-term assignments (up to a maximum of 60 days) will have to get a Miscellaneous Work Pass or MWS. This is a new Pass that replaces the earlier Professional Visit Pass.

This Pass makes it possible for business executives to frequently enter Singapore from countries that require visa. The MWS is ideal for foreign business professionals and investors who need to visit Singapore from time to time for business needs or investment requirements.

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Accounting & Tax Services

Every Singapore company must maintain its accounts and bookkeeping records. Richmond provides a complete range of accounting and taxation services for small to mid-sized businesses to help comply with the standard requirements laid down by the ACRA and IRAS.

The complete spectrum of accounting services offered by Richmond helps reduce the work and costs of our clients. Including everything ranging from payroll management to bookkeeping, we can provide a total custom solution.

A Singapore Company must maintain a book of accounts. It must include the Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Account, Equity Statement, and Cash Flow Statement according to the Singapore Financial Reporting Standard or SFRS. We have qualified and experienced accountants in our team who will assist you in maintaining your Book of Accounts, empowering you to provide a genuine and fair picture of the financial records of your business. We can also help you with regard to the auditing of your accounts, if you require it.Learn More

The IRAS requires that every Singapore Company submit their Estimated Chargeable Income (ECI) after the financial year (FY) of the company. This has to be submitted within 3 months after the end of the FY. The IRAS however offers a new concession to companies that have their FY ending in October 2012 or later, from YA 2013 onwards.Learn More

It is mandatory to prepare the annual Director’s Report that adopts the Financial Reporting Standards and General Accounting Practice. The Report must clearly present the true representation of the company’s following attributes: Financial status, Assets and Liabilities, Accounting Policies, Impact of Business Activities, Dividend Announcement, Risks and Risk Handling Strategies, Retained Earnings.

The Director’s Report needs to be prepared and presented along with supporting documents during the Annual General Meeting of the company.Learn More

Effective from November 2007, every Singapore incorporated company must essentially file the Financial Statements in a special format called Extensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL). This is a computer language used for presenting financial statements. XBRL makes it possible to run business operations more efficiently, helping to improve accuracy and reliability of financial reporting with higher level of transparency and well-timed propagation of essential financial information.Learn More

It is mandatory for all Singapore companies to submit their yearly tax returns to the IRAS. A company must submit their audited/un-audited accounts in or before the month of November every year. The taxation methodology used in Singapore is based on the preceding year. The current year tax returns are filed on the basis of the profits made in the FY ending in the preceding year.Learn More

If the taxable supply of your business exceeds or is expected to surpass SGD 1 million during any consecutive 12 months, you will have to register for the Goods and Services Tax with the IRAS. Henceforth, your business will have to charge Goods and Services Tax (GST) on the goods or services provided.

A business that is GST registered will have to submit their GST returns on a quarterly basis. This tax collected by your company needs to be submitted to the IRAS, but the tax paid by your company needs to be claimed from the authority. Even if your business doesn’t qualify for GST, you can register your company under the GST Act on a voluntary basis. In such a case, your business will have to file GST periodically while remaining registered for a minimum 2 years.Learn More


Offshore Company Services

Offshore International Business Corporations or IBCs are usually established in tax-free zones like the British Virgin Islands or Seychelles. Companies on these islands don\\\’t draw any personal income/corporate taxes or capital gains taxes, and there is no need to report income, and there are no restrictions on the employment policies.

British Virgin Islands are located in the Atlantic Ocean, less than a 100 km off the coast of Puerto Rico. With a population of just 25,000, the IBC haven has around 750,000 companies, established since the 1980s.Learn More