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This option is perfect for a foreign company that wants to establish a Singapore Representative Office and relocate their executives through Employment Pass. The process requires first registering the Representative Office before the application for the Employment Pass can be made.

Package FC5 includes the following services:

Representative Office Registration
Employment Pass (EP) application filing
Assistance to open a corporate bank account
Package Total
Company Registered Address (RA) for 1 year from
Dependant Pass for spouse
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The process for package FC5 are as follows:

Step 1 – Submit Your Company Incorporation Request and Details

After you provide us all the details for the incorporation of your company, we will proceed to:
  1. Checking whether the name of the proposed company is available.
  2. Answer all your queries (if any).
  3. Provide you the invoice for our services.

Step 2 – Make Payment

You can clear our invoice in Cash, by Cheque or via Telegraphic Transfer(Additional Admin Surcharges). Once payment has been made, we will start preparing the incorporation documents.
The incorporation documents need to be signed before us in Singapore in front of us or before the Notary Public if you are overseas.

Step 3 – Apply for Employment Pass (EP)

Richmond submits the online application for Employment Pass (EP) to the Ministry of Manpower(MOM), which enables you to get faster information about your application.
  1. The MOM takes a maximum of two weeks to process the application.
  2. When we get the In-principle Approval notice, from the MOM we will arrange for the collection of your EP.
We will apply for the EP only after your application for Representative Office has been approved by the International Enterprise (IE) Singapore.
The process of approval is usually simple as long as all the documents are available and the proposed activities of the Representative Office are in accordance with the laws of Singapore.
Sometimes, the IE Singapore may require more information for any type of clarification.

The documents and information for package FC5 are as follows:

Documents Required for Company Registration

Registration of a Representative Office in Singapore requires submission of completed application supported with all essential documents to the IE Singapore. Usually, it takes 5 business days for the application to be processed.The documents required for the registration of a Singapore Representative Office are as following:
  1. Completed application.
  2. A copy of the Parent Company’s Certificate of Incorporation.
  3. A copy of the parent company’s latest annual report and audited report.
  4. Duly endorsed undertaking to the Terms and Conditions governing the representative office in Singapore.
If the latest annual report and audited account are not available, especially because the parent company is newly formed, you will be required to self-declare the required information by supporting it with company information such as contracts, brochures and website among other details. Make sure that all the submitted documents are in English or in attested English translation.
If the documents provided are legitimate and the planned activities of the proposed Representative Office are legal, the approval process is straightforward and fast. In the case of certain applications, the IE Singapore may ask for more information if there they require additional clarification.