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This option is perfect for a foreign company that plans to incorporate a Singapore Branch Office and relocate executives to the country for running business operations. It is essential to incorporate the Singapore Company before an application for the Employment Pass is made.

Package FC4 includes the following services:

Company Registration
  • Name search and reservation
  • Preparation of incorporation documents
  • Preparation of company’s memorandum and articles of association
  • E-notice of incorporation
  • Our professional fees including ACRA filing fees
  • Board resolution for opening of corporate bank account
Company Secretary for 1 year
Employment Pass (EP) application filing for 1st agent
Employment Pass (EP) application filing for 2nd agent
Temporary 2 Nominee Agents for 2 months
Assistance to open a corporate bank account
Package Total
Company Registered Address (RA) for 1 year from
Dependant Pass for spouse
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Package Notes
  • The application for the Employment Pass (EP) is subject to the approval by authorities.
  • Once the EP has been approved, the Ministry of Manpower will charge a fee between S$70 and S$150 for issuing the EP along with the visa stamping fees.
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The process for package FC4 are as follows:

Step 1 – Submit Your Company Incorporation Request and Details

We will take the following action once we have received all the details of your company incorporation:
  1. Check whether the proposed company name is available or not.
  2. Contact you for clarification of information.
  3. Provide you the invoice for our services.

Step 2 – Make Payment

Once our invoice has been paid, we will proceed to prepare all the documents of incorporation. Payment can be made in Cash, by Cheque or through Telegraphic Transfer.(Additional Admin Surcharges)
The incorporation documents will have to be signed before us (in Singapore) or before a Notary Public if you are not in Singapore.

Step 3 – Incorporate Company

Once the incorporation documents are signed, the next step is the registration of the company with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority of Singapore (ACRA).

Step 4 – Open Bank Account

Once your company has been incorporated with ACRA, we will then assist you in opening a bank account for your new company.

Step 5 – Apply for Employment Pass (EP)

At Richmond, we will electronically submit your Employment Pass (EP) application to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). Electronic submission ensures faster processing of application.
  1. The MOM takes a maximum of two weeks to process the application.
  2. Once we have received the In-principal Approval notice from the MOM, we will arrange for the collection of your EP.
Application for EP can only be made after the incorporation of the company. You do not have to be present in Singapore during the processing of the application.

The documents and information for package FC4 are as follows:

It is essential for a foreign company to hire the services of a bureau for registering a branch office in Singapore. Richmond can help you in establishing your branch office. We will require the following documents for the registration of your Branch Office in Singapore:
  1. An attested copy of the Certificate of Incorporation of a foreign parent company.
  2. Particulars of directors of the branch office such as the Passport Number, Nationality and Personal Information.
  3. An attested copy of the Foreign Company’s Memorandum & Articles.
  4. A resolution by the foreign company describing the powers of the directors at the branch office, if any.
  5. A Power of Attorney or Memorandum of Appointment that states the names and local addresses of at least two residents in Singapore who will be the authorized agents for performing services and accepting any official notices that are served on the company.