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Statutory Maternity Leave

This page will give you all the related information about duration and eligibility of statutory maternity leave under Singapore Employment Act.

Effective from October 31, 2008, statutory maternity leave has been lengthened by 16 weeks from 12 weeks. Female workers are eligible for maternity leave under the law.

Just before 4 weeks of delivery and after 12 weeks of delivery, worker has a liberty to get maternity leave from her workplace. Initial eight weeks have to be deemed as frequent block. And the bottom eight weeks (48 days max) can be considered consequently just after initial eight weeks or considered flexibly below 12 months under employer’s consent from the delivery. In addition, employers are also responsible to provide statutory premium benefits and maternity leave.

Employer has to pay 16-week salary to her along with granting maternity leave:

  • Over the initial two confinements, government will fund from 9th to 16th week, amounted to $20000 for each confinement with CPF contributions included.
  • Over the 3rd and following confinements, complete 16 weeks shall be sponsored by the government, covers $40000 for each confinement with CPF contribution included.

Employer is also liable to provide other benefits of maternity leave if worker is:

  • Dismissed within the past 6 pregnancy months without any sufficient reason; or
  • Retrenched over the past 3 pregnancy months.


  • Over the initial two confinements, employer is liable to pay first 8-week salary to her if she serves for around 90 days before childbirth.
  • Employment Act doesn’t cover executive, classified and managerial staff, as per the employment’s scope. In order to confirm that whether female employee is entitled to get the above benefits of maternity leave and/or covered under Singapore Employment Act, please consult Ministry of Manpower (MOM).


Eligibility is given to self-employed women under CDCA in case:

  • If child is Singaporean;
  • If mother is self-employed and engaged in any trade, business, profession or vocational training that lasts for about 90 days of frequent period before childbirth, and
  • If the mother is self-employed and lost her income because of her non-involvement in trade, business, profession or vocational training at the time of maternity period.

The mother who is self-employed will get the grant for at least 56 days or 8 weeks from the government if she is mandated by the Employment Act. And the government will pay $20000 for maternity leave in each confinement over the initial two confinements.

Around 16 weeks or about 112 days during following confinements, the government will pay around $40000 for each confinement during maternity leave.

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