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Review of Singapore Work Visas

Singapore is a buzzing country in Asia with job and career opportunities for talented people in every field. People from across the world look at Singapore and perceive it as a country with tremendous potential. Due to this reason, this country has well determined and specific visa rules and regulations. Recently, there have been some changes in various rules in visa procedure. It can be a tedious and confusing task to understand all the essential terms in the visa process and types of visa offers. Following is the detailed article about various visa options for people who wish to be in Singapore for various reasons. Employment Pass, Personalized Employment Pass, S Pass and Work Permit are some of the terms one will hear often related to Singapore visa.

For work related trip to Singapore, there are several visa options. Nonresidents who wish to work in Singapore will need a work visa prior to working here and the process for acquiring respective visas may be different. It is advisable to take assistance of Richmond, a licensed employment agency with Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower (MOM). It offers help in processing services of work visa. These services include: coordination and liaison role, covering application submission, renewals, tracking and troubleshooting.

Singapore Work Pass

There are many work visa types in Singapore. These depend on the type of work to be performed. Work permits are given to lower skilled workers while P1 and P2 Employment passes are given to attract highly skilled and quality professionals. Following is a quick summary of the various work visa types:

Singapore Employment Pass (EP)

This is an important type of visa offered to foreign professionals. It is also known as Singapore E pass. This visa type is mostly given to managers, executives, CEOs and others. Candidates in this category meet the specific salary and educational requirements for this type of visa.

Singapore Entrepreneur Pass (Entrepass)

As the name suggests, this pass is especially for entrepreneurs and technology game changers. As people know Singapore as a hub of technology companies and professionals in this field, this visa type is also very important. R&D related enterprises which can lead to huge innovations in the field of technology are included in this category. Businesses which have an impact in the field of technology and innovation have a high chance of getting this type of visa.

Singapore Personalized Employment Pass (PEP)

This is a top tier pass issued to individuals who meet specific requirements and are considered above average in many respects. The merits of the individual are given high priority when deciding this type of visa. The main facility with this visa is the chance to switch employers during the validity of this pass. Furthermore, the candidate is also eligible to stay for 6 months and evaluate his job opportunities. The threshold for this pass has been upgraded from $34,000 to $144,000 per annum.

Work Permit Scheme

This type of visa is for people who are from an approved territory. It is issued to skilled and semi skilled professionals. The work permit for this type is generally about two years. There are, however, some conditions of this like passport validity of the person, Banker’s/ Insurance Guarantee and worker’s period of employment. There is a salary clause of S$2,000 for this type of visa pass.

S Pass

This visa pass is offered to mid-level skilled foreign workers who are employed by companies operating in Singapore. The salary of an individual must be above S$2,200 starting from July 2013. The number of employees with this pass has been restricted according to the new rules.

Miscellaneous Work Pass

This type of pass is given to those individuals who are working for a short term in Singapore. The term of work should be about 60 days. This type has replaced Professional Visit Pass. This visa pass is given to many young individuals coming to Singapore from across the world.

Training Employment Pass

This visa type is for foreign individuals who are considering taking up professional training in relation to their academics. This visa type is especially designed for students and other interested people in learning. The applicant must be an undergraduate and has some executive, managerial or a specialist job. In order to qualify for this pass, the candidate must earn about $2,800 and also mandatory qualifications.

Multiple – Journey Business Visa

This visa pass is for people who frequently visit the country often for work purpose and include people like foreign investors and businessmen. This visa is given to people important to the growth of Singapore due to their investment in the country. Many international investors and delegates have this visa type. The people of these interests are very important to Singapore.

Work Holiday Programme

This visa pass is mostly aimed at young people in countries like France, Germany and other. These are offered to undergraduate and post graduate people. The permit is valid for the period of six months and has no restrictions on the areas of work.

Singapore Employment Agency – Work Visa Processing Services

Richmond services provide complete support for candidates interested in getting a Singapore visa. The type of visa and other details are handled well by this service and one can fully rely on their work. They have immense experience and are very capable of covering all aspects of visa processing. Paperwork and processes of visa application are taken care by this organization. Apart from this, Richmond also manages visa renewals and pre-application processes. This makes clients free from worrying about keeping track of these complicated and tiring processes. This is a best option for visa related queries and procedures.

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