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Permanent Residence Scheme

Here, in this page, we are giving you the insight of various ways to become eligible for Permanent Residence in Singapore. Including Technical Personnel, Skilled Worker and Professional Scheme as well as Global Investor Program, you will know various schemes for Singapore permanent resident status.

The population of Singapore recorded 5.31 million approx, according to 2012 Census. Out of total population of Singaporeans, around 10% of them have status of permanent resident. Government granted Singapore permanent residence to more than 50000 foreigners in 2010 and this number is constantly rising. Healthcare, safety, education and cutting-edge infrastructure development are the major reasons why most foreigners find their second home in Singapore.

In order to attract large number of overseas talent and manage healthy growth of population, government of Singapore has led several open door policies for immigration.

The importance on improving per-capita income and lower birth rate are the two major inspirations for density of population over the past couple of decades. For the economy of the country, foreign talent has been proved as a precious asset. In terms of retaining and courting the overseas talent, all the concerned efforts have been made by the Singapore government. Singapore has led various schemes to retain foreign talent in the country, including permanent residence schemes.


This is the scheme structured for working professionals in Singapore to enjoy the status of permanent resident. The Professional, Technical and Skilled Professional (PTS) Scheme allows overseas professionals to apply under EntrePass, S Pass (Skilled Worker) or Employment Pass in Singapore.


Global Investor Program is the scheme that is structured for capital investors. The Global Investor Program is Singapore Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and Economic Development Board initiative that is planned for overseas industrialists and individual investors who are interested to initiate or invest in new business by getting permanent resident status in Singapore. Permanent Residence is also provided to children and spouses of such investors.


Foreign Artistic Talent of FA Scheme is a joint initiative of Singapore Immigration and Checkpoint Authority and National Arts Council. The purpose of this scheme is to attract those foreign artistic talents who have excellent track records in literary arts, theatre performances, visual arts and dancing to live in Singapore.

In this scheme, technical professionals are also included who are related to arts but not related to journalism, broadcasting, film industry and entertainment. For these artists, formal training for around three years and active participation in work for around 6 years are mandatory. The applications that are successful will be eligible for NAC grants and will be awarded as Singaporean artists. For full PR grants, they will have to take full-time and secure employment in Singapore.

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