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Guide to Singapore Dependant Pass

A lot of high-skilled and eligible professionals are shifting to Singapore. With an attempt to support foreign workers to live with their close family members and their dependants, the Ministry of Manpower decided to permit the professionals, who have employment visa of Singapore, to shift with their family i.e. their children and/or spouse to Singapore by applying for Dependant Pass (DP) in Singapore.

The status of the Dependant Pass (DP) will be linked directly to the validity of employment visa in Singapore. It means you will have to renew your Dependant Pass whenever your employment visa is expired because validity of both of them will be expired at the same time.


Those who have employment visa of Singapore, S Pass or EntrePass. Their fixed salary should be S$4000 per month as of September 1, 2012, when it comes to live with their family and dependants.

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) allows only these types of people to apply for Singapore Dependant Pass

  • Single, legally adopted or biological, dependants who are below 21 years of age, and spouse.
  • S Pass and EP pass holders’ dependants and families who are living in the country since September 2012, when they were allowed to live in Singapore if above mentioned workers have valid EP and S passes given by the current employers.


As of September 2012, the listed parties are no longer qualified for Dependent Pass (DP)

  • Parents-in-laws of those who hold P1 Passes
  • Parents-in-laws and parents of those who hold P2 Passes
  • Parents-in-laws and parents of those who have P Passes, like common law spouses and their children, stepchildren who are below 21 years and handicapped children who are above 21 years. However, they can apply for LTVP or Long Term Visit Pass, though they cannot take part in Dependant Pass program.


WORK: Being a Dependent Pass holder, you can be employed in Singapore. On your behalf, your prospective company or employer would apply for LOC or Letter of Consent. This way, the validity of employment visa of your parents or spouse will relate directly to your DP pass validity. Once Dependent Pass is renewed, you will be required to renew LOC as well.

STUDY: With having DP, you can also be qualified for studying in Singapore. You don’t have to apply for student pass.

INCORPORATE: You may also setup a company, being a holder of Dependant Pass. However, DP holders are not eligible to become the director or shareholder of the company.

Dependent Pass card, looks mostly like Singapore Work Pass card, will be provided after approval. This card will mention period of validity and personal details of the card holder. While applying for Work Pass, it is strongly recommended to apply for DP Pass alike, if you don’t want any delays.

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