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Exempted Activities for Work Pass

On this sheet, an individual will get an idea about the different business related ideas which do not necessitate an explicit work pass in Singapore. The above clause is obviously subject to typical criteria. Singapore is a vivacious nation which is continually reinventing. It is known for its dominion of monetary and industrial supremacy. The nation is cheerfully encouraging all the different regions of the flourishing civilization. They not only encourage all-around growth in fine arts, ethnicity and games. Singapore is consequently a junction of aptitude, resourcefulness and ideas. That is why it has turned out to be a stage for act, trade and display for international skills and talents. This is in accordance with the ever rising history of Singapore as a local hub for resourceful business also as a provincial caucus hub. The controller of human resources, Ministry of Human resource, is responsible for providing immunity from work pass. The rule is applicable only for a couple of actions which is taken on by individuals from different countries on an impermanent basis. The subsequent details present the basics of the provision.


The Foreign Manpower Act is responsible for exempting a catalog of actions which could be practiced by a foreign national in Singapore with no work pass subjected to various circumstances. Foreign nationals have been given an authorization by the department of human resources and manpower to carry out the tasks without getting a work visa all through the tenure of their Short Term Visit Pass. Nevertheless this type of association could not go further than 60 days. This could get approved only after the MOM has been notified.

If an individual is able to perform this kind of an exempt activity beyond a duration of 60 days in that case the person must get hold of a suitable work pass. The key point to be considered is that the immunity allowed in this case will not relinquish any added permissible observance which could be necessary in Singapore. Individuals from other nations who are working at institutions which is gifted with the PEL need to carry the work license for a time period of six months. The PEL stands for Public Entertainment License (PEL). The PEL includes institutions like a club, pub, bar etc.

Directory Of Work License Exempted

Shows and Concerts: Several artists which include film stars, music singers, instrument players, or key supporting personnel who perform in an occasion prearranged or funded by the administration or else any constitutional organization and the individuals who participate in some kind of civic occasion. Newspaper writing or media actions which include those people and proceedings sponsored by the Government of Singapore. Actions related to sports: Sports personnel, which include instructor, referee or maintenance personnel who take part in events funded by the administration or constitutional organization. Film & style shows which include members of the crew, busy in scene film or fashion demonstrations. All of these comprise of photograph experts and film stars.

Arrangement of colloquium & international symposium: The people who are responsible to organize, moderate or guest speakers at these workshops. The only condition is that the speeches must not be provoking about any religion. Unique condition or criterion for categorization of specific Skills: Those people who render professional services to commission or audit a most recent place or human resource to provide high end services. The advanced services include installing, correction of any fault or problem,maintaining an equipment,process or mechanism in the current set up or plant. These employees need to have perfection in their jobs and skills which are now not present in the country. Tourist Facilitation: People from the world can participate in the activity related to the facilitation. All these actions contain the condition of logistical support.

Notification Requirement

For individuals located outside Singapore, who are affianced with either of the mentioned work license. For either of the listed actions which are exempted actions need to inform the MOM punctually prior to the performance of these actions. Once they come to Singapore they need to get a Short period Pass. Usually this pass is issued by the ICA of Singapore.

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