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Guide to Choosing Singapore Company Name

This article features all the relevant matters, which are required to be considered before selecting a name of a company in Singapore. Before a company gets itself a name, it has to ensure that the name proposed is not taken by any other company.

The regulative authority under which the approval of the name of the companies in passed in Singapore is known as Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). The ACRA has rights to refuse any such proposed name of a company which is similar to any other company.

If a company wishes to add certain words in its name like insurance, education or bank, it has to seek permission from the regulatory authority before incorporating such words in its name.

Any queries regarding the proposed name of a company to be incorporated can be discussed with the specialists by dialing the numbers of the authorities.

The matters provided by the ACRA to be taken into consideration before selecting the name for the business includes the following:

Deciding on a Company Name  in Singapore:

  • The proposed name for the new company in the Singapore may be subject to rejection by the Registrar if the name is, similar to another company already operating, unacceptable, or is among the one that the minister has instructed the registration authority not to accept.
  • Therefore, before selecting the name of your company you must make sure that it does not resemble to any other company already conducting business in Singapore. Other than this in case if the name despite being alike is registered and the registrar receives a complaint regarding the name being alike by the other company within the twelve months of incorporation. You may be required to change the name.
  • The rules regarding the similar names are given under the Companies Act and the Business Registration Act.

The rules regarding the similar names as governed by Companies Act and the Business Registration Act are as follows:

The following words or expressions are considered to be ignored when analyzing whether the name set out is identical or not:

  • The use of the word “the” as being the first word in the proposed name.
  • The use of the words like, “Private,” “Sdn,” “Ltd,” “Pte,” “Berhad,” “Bhd,” and “Sendirian.”
  • The words like, “Incorporated,” “International,” “Asia,” “South Asia,” “Singapore” etc.
  • The use of the plural versions of words, the use of different punctuation and cases of the alphabets used.

The use of the “&” symbol is considered to be a complete version of the word if used as “and.”

The registrar may under the rules of the acts highlighted above, refer the companies using the same name for consensus before the name is entirely changed.

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