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Singapore Trade Marks Act Amendments

Though made in 1939, the Trade marks Act of Singapore (Chapter 332) has seen many changes made to it in the last few years. The last time this act underwent significant changes was in the year 2007. It was done to make the provisions of the act compatible with Trademarks Law as administered by WIPO. It was on 2nd July 2007 that these amendments to the act came into effect. The main purpose of these changes was to streamline the procedure and to make the registration of trademark in Singapore simple and inexpensive. This article contains the gist of the changes made in the trademarks Act in the year 2007. You can learn how to get a trademark registered in Singapore through trademark registration procedure.

Applications for Multiclass Trademarks

It has become possible to apply for a trademark in several classes of products through a single application after the amendments of 2007. It has to be kept in mind that the filing fee as well as renewal fee is levied as per the number of classes for which trademark is requested.

Trademark application division

After the amendments of 2007, it is possible for the applicant to apply for a trademark through 2 or more applications. If there is opposition to the application by third parties, the procedure of registration of trademark goes on through other applications without any hindrance.

License for trademark application that is pending

If an applicant desires to have a license while his trademark application is pending, he can apply for a license and does not need to wait till his registration is complete.

Measures to provide relief in cases of procedural mistakes

There are provisions to provide relief to applicants when they make mistakes and omissions in their application. In many cases, applications are late and miss the time limits. Even if the applicant misses the time limit, these amendments ensure that his rights for a trademark are not compromised with.

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