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Singapore Nominee Shareholder

Under the Singapore Companies Act, it is required that every Singapore Private Limited Company has a minimum of 1 shareholder, who could be a natural person or a corporation. The shareholder may or may not be a Resident of Singapore.

During the incorporation of your Singapore Company or Offshore Company, it is possible that you can also become the shareholder. If you don’t have such a solution to meet this criterion, Richmond can offer the Nominee Shareholder service while maintaining your corporate privacy.


The Nominee Shareholders Service from Richmond offers every client with a signed and verified declaration of trust where the Nominee Shareholder will hold the shares on behalf of the company’s beneficial owners. This means that the shares are not legally owned by the Nominee shareholder. Once the service gets transferred or terminated, the shares are returned to the owner or transferred to another relevant party according to the request of the owner. Any income or capital gains made on the shares will be held by the beneficial owner.

We offer Nominee Shareholders Service under total confidentiality. As a Beneficial Owner(s), you don’t have to worry about your identity because it will not be produced in public records in the Registry.

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