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Registration of Singapore Trademark License

The trademark is a logo, symbol, slogan or any other mark of identification by which a brand is recognized. This trademark can be granted to someone else in the form of the trademark license. In order to transfer the trademark license to some other person in order to use it, one has to enter into a contract. The parties to the contract are the licensee the one to whom the license is given, and the licensor, the one to whom the license belongs to. These trademarks are registered in the Intellectual Property of Singapore.

This article provides general information regarding the process and the applicable rules on the licensing of trademarks. However, a detailed information can be obtained from the guide available for Singapore’s trademark registration.

There is no legal requirement to register the license to the registration office. However, in case if a company wishes to register it can. The main reason behind the different companies attempting to register their license is to notify the public at large that one party has given the other party a right to use its license. However, in case if such a license is not registered it does not invalidate the use of that trademark.

Trademark registration process involves the signing of an agreement in which one party to whom the trademark belongs, allows the other party to make use of its trademark. The following details are available in the licensing document:

  • All the relevant information regarding the parties to the contract, i.e. the licensor and licensee.
  • Information regarding the respective trademark.
  • The terms and limitations applicable to the use of trademark.
  • Any quality measures to be followed while using the trademark.
  • Financial details of the use of trademark.

It is on the shoulders of the licensor to ensure that the licensee has been carrying out the relevant quality control procedures to ensure that no harm to the reputation of the trademark, and its goodwill will occur. Moreover the licensor must on a timely basis confirm quality of the products and goods being provided under the trademark license.

Until the year 2007, the licenses of the trademarks were required to be registered with the registrar, however, at the moment there have been several changes in the Singapore’s law and currently there is no mandatory requirement for the licenses to be registered with the registrar.

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