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Registering a trademark in Singapore is an easy and important process. Singapore is a place where many international brands have their presence. There are a number of leading technology companies in this country. Hence, it becomes essential to know about these rules and specifications regarding a trademark. Following article helps you in understanding the requirements and procedures of registering a trademark. We have all seen a trademark sign and wondered what it stands for. A trademark is a mark on products or other entities which a company intends to restrict others using from. It is a way of distinguishing goods and services from the rest. TM and R in a circle are the two symbols used for this purpose. These two have different meanings and it is essential to know when to use which symbol. The R symbol stands for registered.

It means that the particular entity is owned by the organization and its used is restricted for others. TM on the other hand means that a particular entity is used by the organization. It does not restrict its use. TM does not mean that its use is protected by trademark laws. They’re important differences separate the two from one another. Trademark signs are very important as they protect your brands and other entities in the market. These laws prevent other competitors from using your entities like brand names, tag lines and thus safeguard your assets in the market. This further helps in keeping your company unique and distinguishes it from your competitors. Apart from brand names, one can also trademark tag lines, tickets, shapes, designs, packaging and other aspects of goods and services. All big and small brands get their logos trademarked like the tick mark of Nike is trademarked and known to represent the company for many years.

Registering A Trademark Has Many Other Benefits. Some Of Them Include:

Quality Assurance:

Your trademark symbol assures your clients about the quality of your work. It prevents cheap imitations and thus delivers high quality service to your customers.

Legal Rights:

Trademarks help in distinguishing your goods and services. This safeguards your rights and makes imitators responsible and pay for their actions. It becomes easy to make them accountable under these laws. It can be used to protect your brand and avoid damage from imitators.


Branding is very important part of selling and marketing. It takes ages to form a reputed brand name. Hence it is important to prevent others from benefitting from using your brand name and earn money from your efforts of brand building. Cheap imitators may also pose a threat to your brand and customer trust due to their low quality products which use your brand name. All these troubles are avoided by trademark laws.

International Legal Protection:

International market has become a vital place due to globalization. Brands can now offer products and services internationally. This has made it essential to have laws that safeguard companies’ assets beyond the national limits. Trademark laws in Singapore can be used to claim infringement cases beyond Singapore. These laws can be used to stop such malpractices are seize sales and profits of such companies which are flouting these laws.

Tax Rebates:

Apart from ensuring protection of company’s entities, trademark laws also have something else to offer to the companies. A company gets about 400% tax rebate from the Singapore Government within the Production as well as Innovation Credit Scheme. This helps in offsetting the cost the company incurs in registering for a trademark. Thus, it is important to get a trademark and enjoy the many facilities given under this law and also recover the costs in the process. There are certain requirements while registering for a Trade Mark. These are certain rules that must be followed and ensure smooth processing of your requests.

In Order To Apply, We Need The Following Details From You:

  • A statement stating that a request for registration has been sought along with the name and address belonging to the candidate.
  • A clear graphical representation of the mark.
  • A list of goods and services sought for registration and the class according to the International Distinction of items and also Services.
  • A declaration of use/intent to use the trade mark, and the filing application fee.
  • A registered Trade Mark has to be capable of being represented graphically and it is good to substantiate by some evidence of goodwill attached to your company/business as a result of using that Trade Mark, prior to registration.
  • For marks comprising of a three-dimensional shape of the goods or packaging, this may be represented by line drawings. If a single-view line drawing is insufficient, multiple aspect views but up to a maximum of six views should be provided. For marks with non-English words and/or non-Roman characters, the English translation and/or transliteration (i.e. pronunciation) must be given in the application.

The application process for this purpose is lucid and is not tedious at all. The process begins with a detailed search of all the prior trademarks filed by the company. This is done to ensure that there is no other trademark similar to the one applied for right now. This makes the company sure of the credibility of the trademark and helps in further preparation of the process. After filing the application, we will a filing date and the application should be processed and examined within 1-2 months of the filing date. After filing for the filing date, these are the steps taken by us on your behalf regarding the registration:

Formalities Examination:

IN this step, The Registry regarding Trade Marks might execute a procedures examination after receiving your request and the required fees.
This includes a test in which the application contains the said amount as fee and other vital information for processing of the application. It is also checked if the application is written in the specified format. An application number and date are given to you after this checking.


Once the formalities examination is completed, the Trade Mark Investigators within your Registry associated with Trade Marks checks if the goods and services to be trademarked resemble other products from other companies. This is very important as only a unique product should get the privilege of the trademark. The examiners will check for various rules on trade marking. Apart from this, the products also have to conform to the International Classification of Goods and Services. A wrong classification can lead to cancellation of the entry and affect the future application processing of the same.


The mark is also checked for all the other laws of trade marking. These include the possibility that the mark is allowed to be trademarked. It is seen whether it has a distinctive character. In case of any complaint, the examiner informs the applicant and a time period is given to resolve the issues. An applicant can also get an extension in the time allotted.


If there are no objections after examination, the applicant is informed of the confirmation and the approval will probably be released for the public info in the Trade Marks journal.


A party may oppose to the trademark of others. In such a case, they are given a fair chance and their argument is heard by the same body. In such a case, one must produce evidence after getting such a complaint and respond to it. The functions might appear ahead of the Registrar or even the employed agent belonging to the Registry regarding Trade Marks. A decision is made after hearing both sides and grounds are given after the hearing.


If the opposition to the trademark by a party is resolved and is in favor of the party applying for the trade mark, the trade mark is registered in the party’s name and the party enjoys all the privileges from that time. A certificate of registration is issued to the applying party.

This is the complete process from application for the registration of a trademark. One can enjoy all the facilities and benefits of this process given by Singapore and are valid in the rest of the world also.

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