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Introducing Singapore Copyright Law

The copyright law of Singapore is governed by the Singapore’s Copyright Act. As per the law, the breach of the copyright act may lead to a criminal offence being conducted which in return can lead to imprisonment.

The categories covered under the heading of copyright include any software, piece of literature, artistic work like paintings, composed music, etc. the right to change or regenerate that piece of work belongs to the one who is the initial producer only and not anyone else. However, the producer may with his own will can provide a right to use that piece of work to anyone in the form of the license. In that case, the one who is provided with a license may use that piece of work for the specified period and purpose as declared by the license.

The copyright granted in the form of a license or patent is a property of the purchaser and can be treated as an asset by the purchaser once obtained legally.

The Copyright Act in Singapore:

Until the year 1987, the copyright act followed in the Singapore was the one pertinent in United Kingdom, however, in the year 1987 a copyright act was passed in Singapore, which is, until now, followed and is in line with the one which is applicable in Australia as well.

The title to the copyright is given to the piece of work, which is either in the form of writing or in the form of recording. There is no registration procedure required for the copyright to be registered; however, as soon as the piece of work is generated and it represents a separate effort of the one to whom the copyright belonged; the copyright comes into effect.

The copyright produced can be granted to a third party in the form of a license. This license can be granted for any such piece of work that comprises of efforts of the individual and has a unique nature and characteristic. The license granting process may be either lifetime or for a specified period; moreover, other limitations can be imposed in the contract over the use of the copyright license.

If the copyright is provided by someone else the right belongs to the original originator, however, if the copyright is the being created by the author himself entirely, the right belongs to the author. However, in the case of the relation between the employers his employee the right to the copyright will be enjoyed by the employer.

The copyright breach occurs on the point when someone copies or publicly uses the work of another person without taking his or her permission. In case of the private use like, for the purpose of studying one can use the work. However, in case of the public use without permission one will be liable to imprisonment for six years under the copyright act applicable in Singapore.

Trademark Compared to Copyright:

The copyright and the trademark both belong to the same protection. However, there is a minor difference between the explanation and the nature of the copyright and the trademark.

A copyright is a piece of work of a particular person which may be in the form of songs, a story of a drama or movie, poetry, paintings, software or any other such a piece of work. The copyright does not include any such facts, ideas that a person develops.

The facts and ideas are covered under the heading of the trademark. The trademark covers the names, signs, logos and any symbol, which is being used to represent something. The trademarks are very commonly found among different brands available all around the world, whether it is a brand of cosmetics, clothes or any other accessories. Copying these logos, symbol is also a breach of law and may lead to imprisonment.

The copyright law provides protection to the author to the extent of producing the accurately alike piece of work as produced by the author. However, of the piece of work produced by someone else is not exactly similar and has been developed in a varied form, such a production will not lead to breach of law. Nevertheless, in case if the exact work has been copied pasted directly, the author will be able to take an advantage from the copyright law.

However, in case of a trademark the piece of slogan, logo, brand name and symbol will be protected under the law from being copied. However, if you wish to protect the production or manufacturing of the goods which are produced by your company, it is impossible.

The other companies can make the goods similar to yours under their very own brand name and logo. However, you can just protect your trademark by registering it with the relevant authorities, so that no other company or person may sell under the symbol, slogan or brand name of yours.

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