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International Trademark Registration via Singapore Trademark Office

Like on the national level there is a requirement for the trademark to be registered internationally as well. This international process for registering a trademark is being carried out by way of the Madrid Protocol. Madrid Protocol is a treaty by way of which more than eighty five countries, which are being registered and provide for the registration of their trademarks, came into existence. In the year 2000, this treaty was also joined by Singapore, and Singapore also became a member of it with other eighty five member countries.

This treaty allows all the member countries to register their trademarks globally, the protection and maintain of the trademark registration is being monitored by the Madrid Protocol.

In this article, there is the information about the process which is to be followed by the Singapore’s trademark office in order to get the trademarks registered all around the world.

If a company wishes to get its trademark registered in the Madrid Protocol in order to have an established global trademark, it must, firstly, have to register its trademark in its country of residence first. In case if the trademark is not registered in the domestic country, the trademark cannot be registered globally.

Benefits of International Registration:

  • The cost of registration with the Madrid Protocol is a one-time cost. However, if a company wishes to register separately it may be very expensive.
  • The process of registering a trademark via Madrid Protocol is quick as compared to separate registration.
  • Any changes in the future regarding the trademark may be costly if carried out separately in each country; however, any changes through the Madrid pool will involve one-time cost.
  • Any replacement between the national and international registration is an easy process.
  • Any further international countries at a later date may be added to the trademark registration.

Important Matters:

The trademark registrations in the Madrid Pool can be provided by the individuals or the incorporated companies, the individual and the company must belong to a country which is registered with the Madrid Protocol.

It is not necessary to provide a separate application for each separate country in which you wish to register. You can enter all the countries in one application wherever you wish to register. Although in case of each separate, country registration will be subject to a separate fee to be paid.

The application will be passed to the WIPO, and must contain the following:

  • The trademark to be reproduced and must match with the one registered in the domestic office for trademark.
  • The details of all the goods and products to which the trademark is applicable, the details must be provided for under the International Classification of Goods and Services.

The trademark registration obtained will be valid for the period of ten years however, it may be subject to renewal after being expired subject to the payment of the fees as charged by the WIPO.

In case of a trademark to be registered for the Singapore’s company, the initial step will be to register the trademark with the Singapore’s trademark office. The applicant ensures the following before he makes an application for registration:

  • The registration in Singapore by the applicant is a must to register with Madrid Protocol,
  • The goods for which the application is being sought must be under the trademark followed in Singapore,
  • The applicant is a resident of the Singapore; in case of a company, the physical existence of the business of the company is a must.

Each global application has its own registration number, and the details are being published in the journal for trademarks like the domestic ones. The main difference between the domestic and the worldwide journals is that the international one is being conducted by the Madrid Protocol.

Procedure for Registration:

The following suggested procedure is to be followed in order to register trademarks internationally by way of Madrid Protocol:

  • The application for registration is being prepared and submitted by way of IPOS in the Singapore.
  • The WIPO reviews the application being submitted and the will after that publish the details in its Gazette. The application is subsequently forwarded to the relevant international country.

The process of registering a trademark is a very strict one and has to be followed. The trademark must comply with the guidelines of the Madrid Protocol. Any company that wished to cancel its application of registration must notify the WIPO within the period of eighteen months, in case of failure of such a notification the trademark is considered to be registered and there will be no way out.

In order to carry out the registration process of the trademark the company must go for the experienced advisory services. In order to avoid any issues while registration it is always better to seek professional advice.

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