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Customs Registration

All those companies that are busy in import and export and also in shipping activities have to register themselves with the customs of Singapore as importers, exporters, or as carriers. They then get a CR No. which is Central Registration Number, a number that is essential for companies carrying on trading activities. This article takes a look at all the types of companies that need to be registered with the customs in Singapore.

Users of TradeNet®

If you are a company involved with export, import or shipment of products for yourself or for your clients, you need to have customs permit.

Companies participating in GIRO scheme

If you are a company paying GST or duties to customs by making use of General Interbank Recurring Order or GIRO, you require registration with customs.

If you have applied for exemption from GST

If you are a company having applied for exemption from GST or any other duty, you must have registration with Singapore customs.

Airlines and shipping agents

All shipping agents and airlines that require permits from customs or seek exemption from duties need registration from Singapore customs. Same is the case with warehouses that are licensed and those that are referred to as ZG warehouses.

The Central Registration Number has been replaced with the new Unique Entity Number with effect from 1 January 2009 while transacting with the customs. This UEN has been standardized to allow companies to transact with various governmental agencies. In fact, the number given by the ACRA at the time of registration of the company is utilized as the UEN in the cases of local businesses. Others get this UEN from the authorities specific to their industries. This account with the customs remains valid as long as the company is registered with the authority. Renewal of registration is not necessary or required. However, a company must get this registration cancelled when it closes down its operations.

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