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Audited and Unaudited Report of Singapore Director

The private limited companies operating in Singapore are usually not required to get the accounts of their companies audited if they are in accordance to certain conditions.

The private limited companies that are exempt and which do not have corporate shareholders, have less than 20 individual shareholders and also have an annual turnover less than S$5 million in a year can file for unaudited accounts. The companies that are dormant are also excused from submitting their audited accounts.

Other than the exempt companies, all other companies should submit the final audited accounts to the ACRA. In order to prevent themselves from getting into trouble, they can hire an auditor within three months of incorporation. The accounts are required to be audited every year.

Richmond offers a wide range of accounts services including drafting the un-audited financial reports of the exempt companies, auditing services via our associate auditing firms etc. we offer the top notch auditing services with provision of designing financial statements specifically in accordance to the IRAS’s and ACRA’s statutory requirements.

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