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Starting A Business In Singapore

Starting A Business In Singapore For Investors Who Want To Operate Internationally

Foreign investors are welcome to operate in one of the fastest growing business hubs in Asia. In most respects that matter, this inviting opportunity of starting a business in Singapore promises substantial rewards to foreign business entities who want to make their presence felt in the region. These investors only need to register with the appropriate authorities before they officially start their operations. Assistance in following the procedure including the preparation and submission of pertinent documents is extended to foreign investors who seek to be guided accordingly.

Legally Starting A Business In Singapore

Business entities in Singapore are formed under any of two acts. They are the Companies Act and the Business Registration Act. The aforementioned are two of the main regulatory statutes of the authority referred to as the Ministry of Finance. This ministry is responsible for ensuring that the companies conducting business in the city-state are compatible with the best practices and standards acknowledged internationally.

The term “company” is used to refer to a foreign business entity which is registered to do business or is incorporated outside Singapore. The same term applies to a foreign business entity that is registered in the city-state whose laws recognises it as a branch of a foreign company. A company, by definition, pertains to a business entity which has undergone the process of incorporation in Singapore.

Starting A Business In Singapore To Fast-Track Success

Singapore doesn’t have that much natural resources to exploit. But this did not stop this small city-state from fast becoming one of the most progressive business hubs in the world. What could be the biggest competitive advantage that attracts businesses to this thriving Asian commercial centre? It is safe to say that it is Singapore’s productive labour force. It is where Singapore more than makes up for what it lacks. Its efforts to develop and maintain a globally competitive workforce is clearly paying off.

For the business-minded folks who intend to secure a spot in the Asian region, Singapore presents a strategic location offering substantial support to those who, like them, want a piece of its booming economy. They can all take advantage of building and sustaining relationships with the other players in the industry as they continue to develop their respective businesses to eventually link themselves to the rest of the world. These and more are the rewarding opportunities that await not just foreign businesspeople but local ones too.