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Singapore Company Registration: Relocating To Singapore

With Singapore fast becoming a hub for almost all areas of business, many foreigners are quick to grab on to this rising opportunity. The city-state has managed to become one of the fastest rising economies in Asia in no time while being able to retain its ethnic diversity and cultural foundations. It is for this meeting of East and West in Singapore that draws thousands of tourists and labourers to it every year. And with many world-class landmarks and facilities, it’s no wonder that many businessmen are flocking to Singapore for a piece of the action.

What Expats Need To Know About Singapore Company Registration

Foreigners who are looking into starting their business need to acknowledge that most companies in Singapore are private limited liability companies. A private limited company is a completely independent legal entity from its shareholders, freeing the latter of any duties or responsibilities should the company be mired in debt. Private limited companies are actually pretty favorable for business owners and shareholders, but understanding how one operates is another story.

Prior to filing for company incorporation, the company name must be approved by the Singapore registrar. Directors who are residents of the country or has been issued one of the three different employment passes should have been stated in office as well. Most importantly, the company should have a corporate secretary installed in office within six months of company incorporation.

Where To Find Help For Singapore Company Registration

Many experts and business owners would agree that while starting a business in Singapore is no sweat, getting the help of company registration companies would do wonders for aspiring businesses. Some expats can’t make appearances on meetings which is why they may need consultants to represent them or file the papers for them.

Fortunately, a service as such exists. Company registration consultancy and accounting firms in Singapore offer a worry-free company incorporation package so you no longer have to go through any difficulty in applying for your start-up’s incorporation. By hiring company incorporation experts, you won’t just receive guidance on company incorporation procedures but also help in running your business and managing the financial side of things in accordance with the law, so you can hold out on your own in no time.