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Set Up Company In Singapore Tips: Building A Great Website For Your Business

Putting up a website is not something that is usually discussed by information websites when talking about the subject of company formation in Singapore. But building a great website for your company is as important as choosing a company name. Everything about your website reflects your brand message, marketing strategies and most importantly, how much you value your customers. This is why having a functional, not to mention modern website is a necessity for any global brand.

Set Up Company In Singapore: Website Essentials

Having a great website design is a must for start-ups as it is a means of introducing their brand to online customers. People are getting more internet and shopping savvy at the moment. More often than not, your customers are searching for you right before they even step foot inside your store. You would want to be found easily online so your website should be optimized. Your website should not only be search-friendly but also memorable.

Revisiting your marketing strategy is a great way to identify how you’re going to design the website as well as how you’d want it to be discovered. Do you want to get general search traffic or do you only want customers from your niche to find your business? Determining your target audience is one way of knowing your website’s appearance and functionality.

Set Up Company In Singapore: Choosing A Domain Name

Capture the essence of your brand by playing around with words. Use popular phrases that already have a place in culture and language. You can also use short, foreign words for your domain name (think Remember, however, that the domain name should sound just the way it was spelled.

Finally, make sure that your domain ends in dot com as it makes your company sound more credible. You can always move to another extension once your business has been established.