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Registration Of Company Name

Registration Of Company Name: Building Your Brand With The Right Company Name

There’s only two things that you have to ask yourself when thinking of a company name for your start-up: “Do you want to be accepted?” or “Do you want to be top-of-mind?” Of course, answering these questions are easier as compared to translating them in actions. It’s always easy to be an “okay” brand but it’s definitely hard to be a “great” brand.

Often times, proprietors would name their company with something easy and catchy just to get their “foot in the door.” They fail to look at what they would like to communicate with their customers in the long run and often look into what the name can do for them for the short term.

Where To Look For Advice On The Registration Of Company Name

Coming up with the right business name can be quite challenging for those who are not “creatively” inclined. So consider hiring a consultant and let them do the job for you. Remember that it’s important to have a great company name especially if it’s going to play a huge role in influencing the success of your business endeavor. Also, consultants are part of advisory firms that are well-versed with coming up with new names and trademark laws. They can also explain to you why a certain name can work to your advantage and which won’t.

The cost of hiring a consultant depends of course on the company’s reputation or the extent of developing your company name or brand. If graphic design is going to be part of a package, then it can go as little as $50 to thousands of dollars. But then, of course, why worry about the initial cost of hiring a consultant to produce a business name for you if it’s going to make your business ten times profitable.

Registration Of Company Name: Legalities

You can register your elected business name along with the requirements and pertinent licenses at the Singapore registrar. Now if you want to protect your company name, you can register it as a trademark. That way, similar businesses or those in other fields cannot capitalise on your name or the success of your business.