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Register Of Company Singapore: Less Popular But Nonetheless Rewarding Options

Besides opting for the more popular choice of establishing a private limited company, investors wanting to penetrate the Asian market by making their presence felt in one of the most progressive business hubs in this part of the globe can choose to set up their company as a branch office or register their business entity as an offshore shelf company incorporated in the British Virgin Islands. Now, what are the advantages of each option then? What can the investors expect after they have gone through the process of registering their respective businesses which perhaps even involved seeking assistance online by typing in a keyword like “register of company Singapore” when they wanted to generate possibly helpful sources?

Well, besides learning that help is on the way, they would most definitely be happy with the choice they made as not only do the Singapore business scene promises rewarding opportunities, but it similarly offers a hassle-free way to join the other players wanting to exploit the promising possibilities of this fast progressing business hub. The rest of this article will talk about two of the options worth considering with the hope of inviting the others to weigh the choices made available to them as they seek to find what fits them as they start to conduct business in this city-state.

Register Of Company Singapore And Your Branch Office

For one, the Singapore law does not restrict the hiring of a local or foreign staff of a registered branch office. Also, setting up this particular type of company enables the business minded individuals to further expand their reach by securing a strategic spot in the Asian region. With the city-state’s business-friendly environment, these investors can take comfort in the fact that they are building an extension of their business on a solid platform.

Register Of Company Singapore And Your Offshore Company

Clever business people choose to set up an offshore company to serve two primary functions. One is for asset management and the other is for wealth management. If you want to follow the lead of these individuals, knowing that you can benefit from being free from corporate tax obligations unlike most other businesses can help you feel more confident about your eventual decision. That is definitely a big plus of this option. Add to that, if you value confidentiality, then this option may suit you best. If your business entity is registered as an offshore company, the only documents that are made public are the Certificate of Registration and Memorandum and Articles of Association thereby affording your shareholders and directors with the privacy that they would appreciate.

There are more benefits to both types of companies and even to the more popular option which is the registration of a private limited company. While they all offer considerable benefits, you as the investor still needs to choose accordingly based on your unique needs. The choice is definitely yours to make but we, as a services provider offering professional assistance on this matters is always willing to help you form a well thought out decision.