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Registering A Company Name in Singapore

Register Company Name

Why You Should Register Company Name

What is the one thing that your clients will remember you for? What is that one thing which they would naturally associate with your business? The answers to both questions are the same. That one thing is your company name. So carefully think about how you want to initiate the recall of your business. Take some time to decide on the company name you will eventually register.

Things To Consider When You Register Company Name

Taking into proper account that your company name will significantly influence how you market your business, how your present and future customers will form their impressions of you, consider the following before you make that important decision.

While it is advisable to come up with a descriptive name, make it a point to not be too restrictive. It is ideal to be known by a name that describes what the business is about and what it has to offer. However, remember to look ahead and consider if your business name will still have the same impact when you expand your business. A quite restrictive term for a name might prevent you from adding products and services in your future offerings.

If you opt to use an English word for a name, care to find out what it means in other languages. The last thing you would want to happen when people hear about your company name is to be identified as someone you would never want to be. You have to remember that although you may be operating on a local scale for now, people who speak other languages besides English may happen to hear, read or even consider doing business with you. You surely don’t want to turn them off by a company name that registers a negative context in a language they know.

What You Can’t Do When You Register Company Name

Do note, however, that there are existing regulations that prohibit the use of the same company name as that of any other business entities. That is regardless of whether such name is still available under reservation or already registered. It is best to check the rules implemented in your area or seek professional guidance on the matter. Moreso, it should also not contain any vulgar or offensive words.