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New Company Registration Tips And Benefits: Reasons To Form A Company In Singapore

Company formation is the first legal step to starting a business. You must first get the law recognise your company to be able to enjoy its protection and other benefits later. Company formation in Singapore is considered one of the least incommodious in the world. However, some procedures or prerequisites may still require some time and resources. Fortunately, there are companies that provide solutions to help clients meet new company registration needs.

Benefits Of New Company Registration In Singapore

New company registration is a step taken to guarantee that a new company is identified and recognized by the law. It appropriately identifies the type of business and the procedure it should follow in order to be incorporated. Forming a company in Singapore has distinct advantages.

Singapore is a friendly, encouraging, and rewarding country for investors- local citizens or foreigners alike. The government’s economic policies are aimed to attract businesses to the country. Today, Singapore is one of the countries with the most generous tax exemptions. Its first-class infrastructures, transparent administration, competitive education system, high living standards and pro-talent policies are just among the many reasons why entrepreneurs from all over the world gravitate towards it.

Things To Know About New Company Registration: Requirements

Singapore company incorporation is undemanding. A company name is first registered. The Accounting and Company Regulation Authority (ACRA) first determines the suitability of the name. Should it be decent enough and not have the same name with an existing company, the company then proceeds to file other forms, documentation, and requirements. These are the company address, the names of at least one director, one shareholder, and one company secretary. The minimum paid-up capital is only S$1.00. Company registration can now be done electronically. Having a company registration representative makes company registration less confusing and complicated.

Though the whole process is relatively easy, some people may still have issues regarding it. Some people may have no prior experience with the process while others may not have the time to personally take care of their requirements. Company formation agents make sure that your forms and company documents are completed for you. They take care of company registration for a fee.