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Incorporation Singapore

Steps To Incorporation Singapore

There are two steps to incorporation within Singapore: company name approval and registration. These procedures are fully automated and can be accomplished in a day, assuming all documents are present and there is no delay on the end of the Company Registrar. The documents or information needed are company name, a summary of business activities, director(s) information, shareholder(s) information, corporate secretary information, registered office address, and memorandum and articles of association (MAA).

Incorporation Singapore: Company Name Approval and Registration

The company name is first filed with the Singapore Registrar of Companies. The name: should not be already reserved, is not confusing with other existing names, does not infringe any trademarks, and is not offensive or vulgar. It should be completed within an hour unless the name has certain words (like “bank”, “finance” and such) which may require additional review and approval by corresponding external government agencies. In such cases, the delay may take days or weeks.

Upon approval, the next step in incorporation Singapore is the filing of incorporation request. The Company Registrar will release the approval certificate within just a few hours. The necessary documents should have been signed by the concerned individuals. Additional information may be required concerning some of the director(s) and/or shareholder(s) when they are of certain nationalities, although this is rare. A $300 fee is charged for private limited liability companies.

Incorporation Singapore Post Registration Necessities

After incorporation Singapore is complete, the newly incorporated company has two major documents: the Certificate of Incorporation and the Company Business Profile. The Company Registrar will send an official email to the applicant confirming the incorporation request with a unique registration number. This is the Certificate of Incorporation. In Singapore, no hard copy is necessary, although the applicant may request for one after paying a $50 fee.

The Company Business Profile is based on the documents submitted (mentioned in the first paragraph). A minimal application fee is also charged. This is a pdf document which can be available for download within an hour of the application (or request).