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Incorporation Company Registration

The Process Of Incorporation Company Registration

Before a business can legally operate in a particular territory, it has to go through a process called incorporation. This process is generally defined as the formation of a new corporation, or a legal unit which is recognized by a county’s judicial system.

It is a legal measure that covers all businesses operating in a particular country or region, and it allows that territory’s government to regulate and control the trade activities in their respective areas of responsibility.

Legal Benefits Of Incorporation Company Registration

For the party or business owner undergoing the process of company registration, this legal step can benefit them as well. This is because company incorporation entails added benefits such as increased protection against extortion and corrupt practices and access to various tax benefits and exemptions.

Having your company incorporated also limits the owner’s personal liability in the company or business. This means that the company shareholders’ personal properties are separated from the company assets and is not included in any sort legal action that calls for the confiscation of company properties. This clause is quite useful in cases of debt and lawsuits provided that the shareholder did not knowingly commit any illegal actions.

Incorporation Company Registration In Singapore

In the business-friendly country of Singapore, company registration is a fairly uncomplicated procedure. The entire incorporation process can usually be completed within 48 to 72 hours, so long as all the necessary requirements have been properly filed and submitted, and no regulations were broken.

This rapid incorporation process is possible because company registration in Singapore is handled by a fully computerized system, and essentially broken down into two simple steps; the approval of the company or business name, and the company registration proper.

In addition to this, respected corporate advisory firms are always on hand to assist new companies through the multifaceted registration process, so there really is no cause for worry when looking to incorporate a business in Singapore.