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Incorporate Company In Singapore

A Quick Guide On How To Incorporate Company In Singapore

The Singaporean market has consistently been one of the most ideal locations for conducting international business. The business-friendly laws, competitive tax benefits and the stable political climate gave an instant pro-enterprise environment to this business hub that attracted more entrepreneurs to set up companies in Singapore. For that reason, thousands of business companies, foreign and local, are nestled around the country. In fact, according to the Singapore Economic Development Board, there are more than 7, 000 multinational companies registered in Singapore. The main reason for this statistics is the efficient and quick procedure of company registration in Singapore.

Company formation in Singapore is just easy if you know the steps and requirements on how to register your company. In fact, any person 18 years and above can register his own company in Singapore. As for foreign entrepreneurs who want to incorporate a company, they must first be engaged in a professional firm to register a Singapore company.

Requirements On How To Incorporate Company In Singapore

If Singapore’s economy has enticed you to start a company here, you can now proceed to register it. Here are the things that you will need to incorporate a company in Singapore. This is not very detailed, but it should give you an idea.

I. Company Name
II. Brief Description Of Your Business
III. The Name/s Of Shareholder/s
IV. The Name/s Of Director/s
V. A Singapore Business Address
VI. Details Of The Company Secretary
VII. The MAA Or Memorandum And Articles Of Association

Incorporate Company In Singapore: Must Know Facts

Singapore’s economy is one of the most dynamic and successful in the world, making it an ideal platform for any business. Not to mention that Singapore also boasts high tourist traffic, making businesses here visible to individuals from different parts of the world. And although starting a company in Singapore is not a guarantee that your business will succeed, it will have more of a fighting chance.