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How To Register A Company

How To Register A Company In Singapore Without Delays

The work you need to do before launching your business in Singapore isn’t just limited to defining your company’s business model and conceptualising your marketing campaign. Before your business becomes operational, you have to register it. Hence, it’s imperative for you to know how to register a company in Singapore.

Generally, registering a company in this Southeast Asian nation is quick and easy. Fact is, you can file your incorporation request and get the necessary approval to operate in a day. But of course, the aforementioned scenario can only take place if you have the complete requirements and if you strictly follow the procedures.

How To Register A Company – Know The Requirements

So, to avoid possible delays in the registration of your company, make sure you prepare all the needed information or documents. Some of the basic requirements are the proposed company name, description of the business activities, memorandum and articles of association, and registered office address. The names, addresses and contact numbers, along with the identification cards, of some of the key people in your company, like the director, shareholders and company secretary, must also be submitted.

Know that you can only file your incorporation request once you have an approved company name. Therefore, if you don’t want delays in your application, make sure you come up with an original name. Any proposed business name that’s vulgar and akin to a name of an existing company has no chance of getting approved.

How To Register A Company With The Help Of Experts

Another way to prevent delays in your application is to enlist the services of a reputable firm offering company registration services. While the company formation requirements and procedures in Singapore are very simple, keeping them all in mind and doing them the right way can be challenging. It necessitates a certain level of expertise and a clear-cut understanding of Singapore company registration standards. This is where hiring a Singapore agency specialising in company registration services comes in.

This type of firm can gather and compile all the requirements you need and file the incorporation request. As the agency is staffed with registration experts, you are assured that possible causes of delays are mitigated and costly registration errors are avoided.