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Formation Of A Company

Essential Things To Know About Formation Of A Company

The process of formation of a company is not at all difficult if you know what is required by the law. For assistance, you can avail the services of company formation service providers. The swiftness of the company formation process depends on the quality of service that your chosen agency provides. Having that said, you must be prudent in choosing one. Today we will look at the things that you must consider before hiring a company formation service provider.

Formation Of A Company: Choosing The Right Agency

A company name is essential in company formation. A reputable company formation service provider should let you check the availability of your chosen business name before you sign the deal. If they have provided an online platform to register your business, they must check whether your preferred name is already taken or not, just like when you are signing up for an email account. If they deal with you through phone, they should call you back after checking the availability of the name with the company registry.

A reputable service provider is knowledgeable about the procedures for company formation. They are also transparent about their rates.

Furthermore, the quality of service is best tested when something goes wrong. On this note, a reliable company formation service provider is always willing to provide a valid email address and direct telephone number. This way, you can easily reach them in case something goes out of your hand regarding the registration process.

Things To Consider In Formation Of A Company

The speedy company formation process will not be possible without your cooperation. Having the right documents prepared before contacting a company formation service provider will give you a better chance of completing the registration process faster. The documents that you need are:

• Name of the company
• Explanation of the nature of your business
• Registered address
• Information about the directors
• Information about the shareholders
• Information about the company secretary
• Copy of your Singapore Identity Card (for Singapore residents)
• Proof of overseas residence, bank reference letter, and copy of passport (for foreigners)

Formation of a company in Singapore is simple and easy. In a study conducted by World Bank, Singapore was ranked number 1 among 183 countries in measuring business regulations. On this note, there is no reason for you not to do business in Singapore.