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Company Registration Services For Companies In Singapore

Singapore is a very lucrative place for business which is why it has become one of the premiere destination of global companies that are looking into expansion in Southeast Asia. Singapore’s gross domestic product growth has always remained bullish through the years, and while slower growth is forecasted this year at 1 to 3%, it’s still in an upward trend.

Local and foreign entrepreneurs are always welcome in Singapore to establish their business start-up so they can start feeling the rewards of all those years of working themselves to the bone to get where they are now today. The Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) of Singapore has made registration guidelines readily available both online and offline for aspiring businessmen and company owners to ease themselves of the burden of setting up their company.

How To File For Company Registration Services

All businessmen or business entities who are interested in setting up a business in Singapore should consult with the ACRA, the Singapore Registrar, and review the Singapore Companies Act. Entrepreneurs should also be able to provide a paid-up capital of SGD $1 for their business, a registered address, a resident director and an approved company name.

Another important aspect of registering a company is installing a company secretary in office, six months into the company’s incorporation. This company secretary is not just an office clerk or admin assistant who answers to a certain boss; the company secretary is a certified accountant or corporate lawyer who is competent enough to provide sound legal advice to the company’s shareholders and CEO. The company secretary also makes sure that the corporation is in statutory compliance of the rules of the state and of the Singapore registrar.

Where To Find Company Registration Services

Because of the competitive nature of its entrepreneurial environment, company registration service providers abound in Singapore. A quick Google search could provide you with a long list of accounting and company registration solutions provider. To avoid fly-by-night corporate registration services, it is wise to always put in some extra effort into researching the credibility of the company. Check the company client base or portfolio (if there’s any) on their website or ask around fellow entrepreneurs if there are service providers that they could recommend.