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Company Name Registration

Company Name Registration: Choosing The Company Name

Naming your business is often a challenging task for entrepreneurs. Some entrepreneurs often angst about not getting the perfect company name, while others remain clueless on which name to choose. The name of your business will represent your brand, forever, that is, as long as your customer can remember, so it’s important to choose one that will stick. It should be unique and catchy, not to mention, relevant.

Tips On Company Name Registration

Picking a name for your company should be easy as long as you have an idea of the trends in the market—since you have to go against the trend. For example, use a strong, simple name that doesn’t include puns because not everyone will get it. Avoid devaluing your brand name by having to explain it. The name should make people think, but, in a good way. Your customer shouldn’t be stressing over what your brand name means.

The rule of thumb, of course, is to use a company name that is not associated with other brand names. Be creative and do not ever be labeled as a copycat. For example, if you’re going to set up a yogurt business, bear in mind to steer clear of “berry” suffixes as berry-studded names are already cliched. Be original and play with words.

As for the company name registration requirements, the company name should be approved by the registrar prior to company incorporation. To make sure that it gets approved easily, do not go for long, complicated names and make sure that you conduct enough research on old company names before nominating one. You don’t want to nominate an existing name.

Company Name Registration: Can Someone Else Do It For You?

A consultancy or corporate advisory firm can guide business owners of company formation in Singapore. These companies offer not just company name registration for foreign entities wanting to open up a business in Singapore but can also help foreign business owners and their constituents to obtain a visa effortlessly.