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Company Formation In Singapore Attracts Foreign Entrepreneurs

Singapore company formation offers foreign ventures, investors and start-ups with a favourable business opportunity in one of the fastest-rising global economies today. The Asian city-state’s strategic location and its cultural mix of Eastern and Western influences provide an access to foreign entrepreneurs to reach out to and penetrate into the international business scene.

Foreign Company Formation

There are three available options which foreign entrepreneurs can choose from should they decide to set up a company in this highly progressive and internationally acclaimed Asian business hub. They can register as a branch office, representative office or subsidiary company.

As a branch office, the non-resident business entity is regarded as an extension of its foreign company. In this case, the liability solely rests on the company’s head office which is located beyond the borders of Singapore.

The option to register as a representative office is chosen by a business entity seeking to manage its affairs as well as explore the thriving business economy in Singapore. It takes the form of a non-for-profit business entity.

For the third setup option, the business entity can register as a local limited company and thus enjoy a 100% foreign ownership. In other words, the law allows it to own 100% of its shareholding.

Company Formation: What’s In It For Foreigners?

The preference of foreign entrepreneurs to set up their businesses in Singapore vary from the way they are worded but they basically stress the following benefits: They can secure an ideal position from which they can possibly further their respective company’s progress in as far as their global reach is concerned. Also, they can very well take advantage of the attractive tax benefits such as the lowest tax rate there is the world over. Furthermore, the liberal immigration policies in Singapore all the more attract these foreign entrepreneurs to bring their businesses in this part of the globe in the company of modern infrastructures, efficient labour force and stable government among others.