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Business Registration for Singapore SMEs

The HSBC Small Business Confidence Monitor has released their results early this year and according to their report, business confidence is at an all-time high in Singapore’s small and medium enterprises. Most SMEs in the country are very optimistic as compared to other Asian countries. Most are even planning to increase their capital investments and workforce. This is a very good sign since it shows the strength and stability of Singapore as a business hub. And when it comes to business registration, there’s not much to worry about. All you need is the right support.

Singapore Business Registration

There are a couple of important requirements when it comes to business registration in Singapore but nothing too difficult to process. As a matter of fact, with the right guidance and help, you can be finished with this entire process within 3 to 5 days. This is why more and more SMEs are opting to establish themselves in Singapore.

More Economic Growth

Despite the current downturn of several economies, it is expected that Singapore will achieve an economic growth of 4-6% this year which is also a great sign for SMEs. More foreign investors are also coming in which means more money to go around.

Simply put, Singapore is a great place to establish a business right now. It is ripe for the taking.

Perks for SMEs

So far, there are a lot of perks to talk about when it comes to business registration for SMEs. First of all, getting incorporated is quick and easy as long as you talk to the right people.

Companies can also enjoy several tax exemptions such as legal tax exemption on S$200,000 on corporate profits. This is perfect for SMEs looking to expand since this exemption can help them increase revenues.

With great tax exemptions, easy business registration to get you going quickly, top of the line infrastructure, and affordable and talented people, Singapore is really an enticing place to set up a business.