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Business Name Registration

Singapore’s Guidelines On Business Name Registration

There are a lot of things budding businessmen and entrepreneurs need to know before stepping into the vast world of business. Capital, competition, and sustainability are just among the things one needs to know and master in order to succeed. But then again, there are also the so-called smaller issues, but important nonetheless, that starting a business requires. This includes business name registration.

In Singapore, the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority or ACRA is the agency overseeing all matters concerning businesses, including picking a name that would go with your planned firm. The ACRA has set forth certain standards that businesses need to comply with strictly, lest they risk the disapproval of their proposed business entities.

Business Name Registration Standards

The Authority prohibits the following in choosing a company name: first, undesirable names; second, names that are identical to another existing business entity, such as a sole proprietorship, partnership, another company, corporation, limited partnership, or limited liability partnership.

Also prohibited are names identical with those being reserved under the Companies Act, the Business Registration Act, the Limited Liability Partnerships Act, and the Limited Partnerships Act. Lastly, the ACRA also prohibits business entities from adapting names that the Minister has expressly directed not to accept for registration, such as Temasek.

How To Evaluate Business Name Registration Options

To help determine whether your proposed name is identical with another existing name, you need to disregard the following words: “The” if used as the first word of the name; as well as “Private,” “Pte,” “Sendirian,” “Sdn,” “Limited,” “Ltd,” “Berhad,” and “Bhd”. If these words appear at the end of the name, they should be disregarded as well: “company,” “and company,” “corporation,” “Incorporated,” “Asia,” “Asia Pacific,” “International,” “Singapore,” “South Asia,” “Southeast Asia,” and “Worldwide.” You must also disregard the plural version of the name, as well as the type and case of letters, and the spacing of letters and punctuation marks. The symbol “&” is interpreted as “and”.